Handling Wedding Transport Service

Wedding is not just about flowers, cakes and dresses. It is also about other details that will give convenience to you and your invited guests. If you haven’t thought about it, wedding transport is one of the most underrated parts of wedding planning. More often than not, couples tend not to give importance into it.

limoHowever, booking for your express limousines is as important as your engagement ring and wedding dress purchase. Before you forget that you need to take care of these things, here are some of the tips on how to book your limo service:

Know the number of people who will use the transport service

Before anything else, you should ask yourself how many people are going to use the transport service in the wedding ceremony and reception. There are guests who prefer to bring their private car. However, there are some guests who may go to the ceremony and reception without cars. Count the exact number so you can book a limo service that will conveniently accommodate them.

(2) Select the type of transport cars

There are so many types of limousines. There are those that can only accommodate two while there are Hummer and Party buses that can accommodate around 35 guests. Check out available party buses here https://advantagelimos.com/party-bus-rental-houston-tx. If your number of guests is below 20 then you can go with passenger and SUV limos. If your needs are higher then go for party limo buses. You need to reserve ahead before other couples book those cars that you prefer.

(3) Advance reservation

There are couples who end up being sad because they did not get the car that they wanted. If you want to end up happy with this reservation, inquire or book ahead. If you know that the wedding season is coming then don’t slack off and be lazy, get up and visit the nearest limo rental service. By doing so, you’ll know if the set if limo transport models are available or not. Moreover, you get to save cash if you booked early. If you settled the down payment early on, the bill will no longer be subject to change.

(4) Check the background of the company you’re dealing with

There are a number of ways to know the approval rating of a certain limo service you are dealing with. It is easy to interact with people who have hired the service before using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. By asking the opinion of real customers, you get to know the quality of performance that a certain provider can give. Reading reviews online from BBB and other trade union websites is also a big starting point.

The tips and guidelines above about express limousines will help you to have a more organized wedding. The last thing that should happen to the wedding event is letting the invited guests drive or find your ceremony and reception location. If the places you have selected are a bit far flung, take initiative to provide free transport for the guests. This gesture will surely be appreciated.

Credits: exoticcarrentalhouston.net